A Bible Based Church Near Duluth, MN

Christian Way Fellowship welcomes you. We reside in the quaint village of Meadowlands in the heart of the Sax-Zim Bog. The area is known to birders throughout the world and is central to Virginia, Floodwood, Hibbing, Duluth, and Cloquet, MN.

9996 Elm Street, Meadowlands, MN 55765

Area’s Served

Duluth, MN

As the county seat of St Louis County and the largest city by far, Duluth is home to a diverse population. A ministry that we have partnered with, Duluth Harbor Missions, serves meals and spreads the Word of God and the Love of the Lord. We have a number of attendees from the Hermantown/Duluth area who enjoy hearing our bible-based, hope-filled, and Christ-centered message.

Virginia, MN

Christian Way Fellowship is just a short drive from Virginia and is home to many of the services that Meadowlands area residents use. A major iron mining community, the Quad Cities of Virginia, Gilbert, Eveleth, and Mountain Iron has seen a consistent decline in mine production and as a result many people are hurting and in need of hope.

Hibbing, MN

Hibbing is actually the largest city in Minnesota by land mass and is home to the Hull Rust Mine, one of the largest iron ore mines in the world. The border of stretches far to the south making it the closest major city next to our church, as a result we have many members from Hibbing who are seeking the fellowship of a country church. Although Christian Way Fellowship has grown, we still maintain that small church feel.